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MELANIE REGEHR - Originally hailing from the east coast, Melanie is an experienced family and portrait photographer.  Her love of the outdoors (in particular, rocks!), people, and cameras, make wedding photography an exciting career path for the married mom of 2 girls.  

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GRAEME HOWARD - Imported to Canada from England when he was only 11, Graeme has lived in Western Canada the majority of his life now. He's a published portrait photographer, commercial freelancer and family guy. He's a fan of the movies, muscle cars and catching amazing images!

Meet the Team! 

One of the Best Wedding Photographers '21 and One of the 11 Best Videographers In Calgary '22!


We are Graeme & Melanie - the Calgary based members of GM Photo & Film!  We both have formal training in photography and former experience in the oil and gas service industry, so you can rest assured we are highly professional, highly skilled, and ready for the challenges of any wedding day.

We know you want beautiful photos & film of your wedding day and a fun team that are easy to work with.  Look no further. With our combined talent, professional equipment, and experience - we can provide you with truly amazing wedding day photography and videography services. 

Our go-to gear consist of professional level Canon full-frame stills cameras, various lenses, Cinema-Class Canon Video Camera, Various Lighting, Microphones and anything else we need to capture each event effectively.

Our goal is to capture the true essence of your day through photography and film, with clean, emotional, and cinematic styling. We always strive for the highest level of care, understanding & artistic passion for our clients so that you can enjoy the memories for years to come.  

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